Wednesday 30 December 2015

Muslim Cleric (Imam) Allegedly Slits 20-Year-Old Lover’s Throat In Attempt To Use Her For Money Ritual [PHOTOS]

There was pandemonium in Mowo 11, Olorunda Local Council Development Area of Badagry, Lagos State, on Tuesday following alleged attempt by an Islamic cleric identified as Mallam Shehu, also known as Alhaji Sambo to use his 20-year-old lover, Busayo Amdalat, for money ritual.
It was learnt that Amdalat, who resides in Ibeju-Lekki, visited the cleric to spend the Christmas holidays.
According to sources, in the early hours of Tuesday the cleric had another visitor known as Ifa.
Following Ifa’s visit, Amdalat was asked to put on a white cloth and when she did, Shehu and his visitor hit her with an iron rod on her head and Ifa started slashing her throat.
The 20-year-old was said to have gathered courage by hitting Ifa on the head with a bottle while he was cutting her throat after which she ran to a nearby street where a carnival was going on.

Residents on seeing Amdalat drenched in a pool of her own blood and injuries on her neck and other parts of her body, rushed her to an undisclosed hospital in the area.
Speaking with Vanguard, a resident who identified himself as Taiwo Abdulraman said on sighting the victim, residents quickly mobilized themselves into two groups: one group went after the cleric and his friend while others rushed her to hospital.
Abdulraman said, “We quickly mobilised and went after him, when we got to his house, we saw blood in parts of the building. There were lots of charms and other fetish substances in his house. We saw the iron rod and the sharp knife he used on her, but we didn’t meet him in the house. We also quickly mobilized and went to his second house at MTN Bus Stop, but he was nowhere to be found.”
The 20-year-old victim while narrating her ordeal said “We both had a quarrel before now for close to three weeks. I knew his first wife before she died but the second wife did not want him to marry me but he resolved that he was going to marry me. I even got pregnant for him but he rejected the pregnancy at some point in time.

“I went to report him to a Muslim cleric but the cleric said there was nothing he could do to convince my lover to accept the pregnancy. For about two months, I did not call Sambo and because of the issue, I changed my telephone number.
“So, yesterday, Sambo and a man called Ifa were having a discussion in his house. Before I knew it, he started taking lots of alcohol; when I cautioned him, he refused to listen to me. He even offered me some but I rejected it.
“Later that night, he asked me to wrap myself in a white clothing of which I obliged. The man called Ifa wanted to use a cloth to cover my face and in the process, Sambo came in with an iron rod and hit me on the head. I shouted but nobody heard me because it was a bushy area.
“Ifa and Sambo attacked me with a knife but I managed to lock myself in a room. I now lied to them that I had called one of the neighbours, it was in that process that they left and I managed to escape from the house.”

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