Saturday 16 January 2016

23-Yrs-Old Gunman Laughs And Waved To His Family As He Is Jailed For Life For ‘Motiveless’ Murder In Brixton [Photos]

Gunman: Shaden Cadette
A killer who shot a man twice in the back for no apparent motive laughed as he was jailed for life.

Gunman Shaden Cadette, 23, smiled and waved to his family at the Old Bailey as he was convicted of murdering Ogarra Dixon, 24, and sentenced to at least 27 years in prison.

He shot Mr Dixon moments after they met on the streets of Brixton.

Prosecutor Timothy Cray, QC, said the motive was unknown as Cadette claimed he was not the gunman and had pleaded not guilty.

Shot dead: victim Ogarra Dixon, who was murdered in the street by Shaden Cadette

The court heard that Mr Dixon parked his car in Cadette’s street just after midnight in June last year and minutes later Cadette returned on his moped.
Mr Cray said: "He went into his house and the likelihood is he went to arm himself with a gun.
"He came out and took his moped down the road to where Mr Dixon was parked. Mr Dixon got out of his car and went to speak to Cadette."
Seconds later Mr Dixon was seen running up the street before collapsing. A bullet had passed through both lungs and pierced major blood vessels near the heart.
Cadette was arrested days later and admitted being at the scene but said someone else fired the fatal shots.
Judge Gerald Gordon told Cadette: “While your motive is unknown, what you did is clear. It was a cowardly and brutal act which ended this man’s life and caused tragedy for his family and friends.
A bullet casing found after the shooting
"It leaves you inevitably facing a life sentence with a minimum term longer than you have so far lived.”
The murder of Mr Dixon on the Angell Town estate was covered in the Standard last year by our campaigns editor David Cohen.
His reports on the impact of the killing on the community featured as part of our groundbreaking initiative The Estate We’re In.

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