Wednesday 13 January 2016

Iran To Build Giant Wall To Keep Americans Out

POLITICIANS in Iran have assembled to discuss what to do about Americans crossing over into their territory, with many suggesting that the only solution is to build a massive wall to keep them out.
The emergency assembly comes after 10 US Navy sailors were apprehended after straying into Iranian waters while on a training exercise in the Gulf.
Officials in Tehran accepted the excuse that the US vessel had suffered a navigational fault, and wasn’t on a spying mission or deliberate incursion into Iran, in a move welcomed by the international community all too aware of the tensions between Iran and the US.

However, Government ministers in Iran agreed that Americans illegally crossing the border is a problem that must be stopped, and have proposed that a giant wall be built around the country to stop the influx.
“We’ve got a couple of Americans coming over here one day, then the next day a few more, and before you know it the country is over-run with them,” said Duhnal Tehromp, outspoken Iranian leader of the opposition.
“These people see the kind of life we have over here, and they’re coming over by the boatload. The only thing we can do to keep Iran great, is to build a wall. Thirty feet high, all along the border, patrolled by guards at all times. Otherwise, we’ve got Americans left and right, weakening our once great nation”.
A further proposition suggested that the cost of building the wall should be shouldered by the American government, prompting huge cheers from the assembled crowd.

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  1. Yes! I've noticed the 100,000s of Americans trying to cross Iran's border!
    A disgrace!