Wednesday 13 January 2016

Best Life Motivation, Never Give Up On Your Dreams

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race ” Calvin Coolidge

I really believe that we humans are lazy and we like to do those things that are fun and easy, tension relieving rather than gold achieving. We want to get everything done fast and we also want to get the great results if possible. We will look for ways to do those things that are familiar to us, those things that are fun and easy rather than hard and difficult, and most of the times necessary. How can anybody ever become more than already is, if they are always hiding, always running away from taking responsibilities, running away from life. It’s unbelievable how easy we can form new and destructive habits, habits that are known to be bad for us, for our health, and a lot of times for those we care about also, but when it comes to forming new positive habits that might take us a longer period of time, and maybe some extra effort (habits that will benefit us on the long run) we run like a scared cat. We try to stay away as much as possible from these type of situations, for they are making us feel uncomfortable.

“The failures and disappointment we sometimes encounter should never stop us from trying again. The lessons are valuable for what lies ahead.”

Yes, I guess it’s a lot better to only do those things that are easy, only those things that feel food, only those things that are fun. Yes, why not? And we’ll just see what the future brings, maybe we will get lucky and we will manage to cheat life a little bit more. Yes, that might work, why not? It’s not like we have anything to lose, except our own time, our own life, our own happiness. Only they are the ones to be wasted, that’s all. As time goes by and we will start looking back to our life, we will see the big nothing we have achieved, and how proud will that make us feel… I guess it wasn’t life that we  cheated after all, we’re only cheating ourselves. If only somebody would have told us that… But wait, they did, in fact a lot of people tried to tell us just that, a lot of people tried to help us, our friends, our family, but we were to busy watching television, too busy drinking and partying, too busy obsessing over our our pretty face, too busy looking for people to give us their attentions, their love, their time that we completely forgot about ourselves and our need for improvement.

Yes, another sad story, another person who wasted their life, but what else is new? It’s not like this is the first or the last person to do just that. And you know what’s really interesting? If you ask them how did that ever happened, they will come with a very long list of excuses, and they will make you believe that the whole world was against them, in fact, the entire Universe. You know, they weren’t born under a lucky start like others, their parents weren’t the Rockefellers, they didn’t have the IQ of Marilyn vos Savant and the list could go on. Or maybe they will tell you how their looks, their weight or their height didn’t quite help them, and because of that they become very depressed and could not focus on anything else but on that which was lacking. You see, it’s not that easy to get yourself motivated, in fact, it is something quite difficult. And now that you know all of these things, maybe you should feel bad that you dared to judge them, or maybe it wasn’t really judgment but only curiosity, but that’s not really important, start feeling bad, now!

Yes, all of these people, if they could do a career out of whining and making excuses, we will have such a prosperous planet, in fact, we will never have a recession ever again. Although it may sound a little bit funny, we all know it’s not; in fact it’s a tragedy, for there are so many people like that in the world. We all have something that makes us unique, and we all have special talents, talents that may be different from those of the people around us, and if we continue comparing ourselves to others and if we continue focusing our attention on all of those things that are missing, all that we will ever have is more and more of that. Where focus goes energy flows, always remember that.

The moment we think we don’t have enough, the moment we think there is something lacking, we are in fact thinking from a place of scarcity, and we are telling ourselves that there isn’t enough to go around, and by doing that we are in fact storing all of these informations in our subconscious mind, and if you take into consideration that 95% our life is controlled by our subconscious mind, while and only 5% by our conscious mind, then you will understand why your life is only a reflection of your limiting beliefs, beliefs that you are storing on a daily bases in your subconscious.

We can’t all have parents that are billionaires, we can’t all study at Harvard, we can’t all have the look of a supermodel, but that doesn’t mean our lives can’t be shaped the way we please, and this can only happen if we’ll work on taking the necessary action steps in that direction. I get motivated and inspired by people like Edison for example, like Lincoln, people who never stopped trying, who never stopped dreaming, they never stopped believing, even if the whole world saw them as failures maybe, but they kept themselves focused and eventually achieved their dreams.

I strongly believe that if you want something, and if you believe in yourself, if you work for it and if you don’t quit, whenever things don’t go as planned, you will eventually achieve whatever it is you are trying to achieve. I have a very skeptical friend with whom I share my stories, stories about my passion, my dreams, about the people that inspire me, and I remember one time he told me something like: ”Come on, they are only a few, how many people like that do you really know? (He was referring to Lincoln this time) They were just lucky.” And he is right, but not entirely. There are very few people like that, and you know why? Because people like them never stop believing, never stop trying. These people don’t see their mistakes, their failures as failures, but rather as lessons, as opportunities to grow, lessons to be mastered, as experiences that are part of their lives.

We all can achieve great things, but we can only do that if we commit to our goals, our dreams and expectations, and by learning to see our mistakes not as mistakes but as opportunities to grow, as lessons that need to mastered. Give up your personal history, give up your past beliefs about what you can and can’t do, and know that each day is a new, a new chance for us to start again, a new day  for us to make new choices, learn new things, meet new people and improve ourselves

Pursuing your dreams comes along with many benefits!  Here are some reasons why you should not give up on your dreams:

1.  Failure.
This word seems counter-intuitive in reasons not to give up your dreams, but failure is more beneficial than you might think.  Most people don’t pursue their dreams for fear of failure.  Little do they know, this is one of the biggest ways we learn and grow!

Many famous and successful Americans had to fail over and over again to achieve what they hoped to in life.  Abraham Lincoln failed at war, as a businessman, as a lawyer and even at politics at first.  He pushed on through and became president of the United States.  Thomas Edison’s teachers called him “stupid” and he was fired multiple times before “failing” 1000 times attempting to invent the lightbulb.  Michael Jordan was once cut from his high school basketball team.  He later said,

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I’ve lost almost 300 games
26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot … and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.”

If we can learn anything from these successful men, it would be to never give up on our dreams simply because of fear of failure.

2. Persistence.
With that failure comes persistence.  Persistence is something that can only be learned through hardships. If you never fall down, you can’t learn how to get back up. Each time we pick ourselves back up and forge through, we get a little bit stronger and more capable of achieving our ultimate goals.

3.  It’s better to try and fail than to wonder what might have been.
Have you ever regretted trying something in your life? Perhaps it was trying out for the school play. Or asking that special someone out on a date. That feeling of wondering what could have been might still eat at you even years down the road.

How do you avoid that feeling of regret? By trying. You don’t have to do something huge, but sitting down and making a plan with small steps on how you will achieve your dreams will start you off in the right direction.  Little by little you will forge a path towards your goals.

4.  Successes along the way.
If your dreams are big enough, you will have stepping stones of success along the way. Small achievements that can be celebrated and reviled in. These small victories can help push you through to the next goal and soon enough, your dreams will be realized.

5.  The pursuit.
Many valuable experiences are found in the pursuit. There is a reason the pursuit of happiness is in the constitution. Memories, friendships, skills, life lessons, love. Basically, life is what happens when we make our way towards a goal. Applying for that college which seems out of reach, we might meet our soulmate. In seeking for that promotion, we might meet a best friend or mentor. Signing up for that team, we might get to travel the world. In order to value the pursuit, we need to follow our dreams!

6.  Success is often just around the corner.
If only you knew how close you were! If only you knew what an impact would be for one more phone call, one more interview, and just one more late night working on your passions. Often we give up far too soon. We can’t see what the future holds for us, but we sure can keep striving towards our dreams.

7.  Setting an example.
Finally, if you have children (or might have them some day), you will be setting a good example. Do we want our children to tell stories about how comfortable we were sitting on our couch watching sitcoms, or do we want to be remembered for the passion we had for life? Hopefully we can show the future generations what it means to chase after our dreams. Most importantly, in the words of Winston Churchill,

“Never Never Never give up.”

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