Friday 15 January 2016

Farmer Uses His Bare Hands To Squeeze Two Of His Animals From The Stomach Of A Live PYTHON [Photos+Video]

Astonishing video footage has been captured by stunned onlookers showing the unbelievable moment a villager presses the bloated stomach of a 6-feet long python to release two goats.
The unknown man holds the giant snake and starts squeezing it frenziedly as it painfully throws out two dead goats - a mother and its baby.
The man can even be seen holding the python’s mouth and pulls out the head of the baby goat from it.
The python is believed to have reached a highway after it hunted and swallowed the goats from a nearby village in Kerala in southern India.
When the news spread, men from the village ran to rescue the goats, which are a major source of livelihood for the farmers, but were left shell-shocked when they saw the slithering giant with bloated stomach on the middle of the highway, unable to move.
Helpless, the man resorted to squeezing out his animals not knowing they had already died.

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