Wednesday 29 March 2017

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Not A Big Deal Today

Sex Orgy
In the modern world we live in, sex is no longer a private and secretive thing that one only talks about behind closed doors.
Today’s generation is faced with a lot of explicit content from all over that it has become something normal. Children are exposed to sexual material at a very early age and as a result parents are forced to address the issue earlier than expected. Due to the excessive amount of explicit content, sex is simply not a big deal anymore. Here are eight reasons why sex is just not a big deal anymore.

  1. Internet.
    With the rate at which technology is growing in the world today, it is quite impossible to not be exposed to sexual content.Doing_an_internet lol

    You will encounter explicit content online very easily at a very low cost or even for free. It comes up in links, or even pages that one is redirected to when trying to access another site. It may even pop up on one of the most used sites on the internet which youtube for example the in the WWSH vine compilations. Most of them are videos of people doing dumb or funny stuff however you will see a half nude girl twerking from time to time.
  2. Sex scandals with celebrities.
    This is probably one of the biggest reasons why sex is not a big deal today. When we see celebrities especially those we adore in sex scandals, and how okay they are with it, we tend to think it is okay or simply not a big deal. Kim Kardashian stripped butt naked and yet she only got more famous and her fans loved her even more for it while those that did not like her started watching her shows. Life is funny, ain’t it? The western people called us primitive because we did not wear clothes. We wore the clothes they introduced only for them to now walk around naked saying it stylish. The double standards of life.
  3. Music videos.
    Music videos today are just on another level of nudity. Most music videos of artists that we love both locally and internationally are producing music videos with explicit content. They have naked women if not almost naked twerking or walking around in slow motion showing off their bodies and dancing seductively. What are we to do if we loved the song first? We always end up looking for the videos of the songs we like only for us to be exposed to sexual content hence making it normal for us to watch it.
  4. Social media.
    Being naked on social media earns you thousands of followers which most people are dying to have. They will do anything to gain followers.flipping away phone lol
    Young girls often fall under this category as they want to live the high life they cant afford and so they choose to be social media famous. They have taken it to a point where they have made a career out of it. For example the likes of Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe and Corazon Kwamboka. They not only live the life they always wanted to live but they make money out of it too just by living their lives. What more could a girl want when she has all the attention she needs.
  5. Reality shows.
    Most reality shows today show a lot explicit content to a point that it is expected from viewers. For example shows like Big Brother Africa and the Nairobi Diaries among others often show explicit content. Sex sales. It is human interest. Much as people talk about how obscene it may be, they still end up watching it. In fact, the more explicit content shown, the more viewership the show has. Call it a twisted world.
  6. Movies and Series.
    Well, whats not to talk about when movies like fifty shades of grey are being released. Not to mention series like Rome, game of thrones, Spartacus  among others that always have steamy and hot sexual scenes. The series have a wide viewership and are always so interesting enough to keep you glued to the screen. There is always a chance that you will be exposed to sexual or explicit content and thus making it extremely normal to see people having sex.
  7. Games.
    The games today can be quite tempting even for us grown ups. Imagine what our adolescent children have to go through when they play these games. There are games that are advertised and are played by millions of people that have almost naked girls moving in quite a sensual way. Now as much as it is supposed to be a game, you will find that the characters in some of the games are dressed seductively or the game itself requires you to do something sexual to the characters in the game.
  8. Advertisements.
    Some advertisements can be quite seductive and promote immorality. For example some of the condom adverts make under age children indulge in sex. Rather than airing their adverts at a particular time so that children are not exposed to whatever content they may be advertising, they air the condom adverts any time of the day.

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