Sunday 26 March 2017

Stephanie Otobo's Mother & Sister At Apostle Suleman's Church To Beg - Reverses All Curses He Laid On Her - (Video)

The mother of Stephanie Otobo, was at Apostle Suleman's church Omega Fire Ministry today, to beg Apostle Johnson Suleman to forgive her daughter. The woman came with Stephanie's sister. According to Apostle Suleman's church member:

And papa told her that he has forgiven her and reversed all the curse, but that she must give her life to Christ totally........ Our God is good.... I'm proud to be an Omega fire member.....

The mother of Stephanie Otobo was at Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi to beg Apostle Suleman on behalf of her daughter during today's service

Apostle Suleman said he had forgiven her daughter but asked her to tell Ms. Stephanie to do a video and "tell the world what she has done" adding that "I have nothing against her"

Watch below;


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