Tuesday 28 March 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Scottish Parliament Defies Theresa May To Vote For New Independence Referendum After Sturgeon Warns The PM She WON'T Back Down Even If Westminster Says No

Independence supporters, such as Lorna Taylor pictured, have been agitating for months to re-run the 2014 Scottish poll
The Scottish Parliament has tonight voted to demand a new Scottish independence referendum in defiance of Theresa May's warning 'now is not the time'. 
MSPs voted 69 to 59 in favour after Nicola Sturgeon warned she will not back down if Mrs May ignores her demand for a fresh Scottish independence vote.

Immediately after MSPs voted, Scotland Secretary David Mundell insisted the UK Government's position had not changed and negotiations on a referendum would not start until after Brexit was finished.

MPs and Peers must vote for a new referendum for it to be legitimate but despite tonight's events in Edinburgh, Mrs May is not required to call a vote in London.
The standoff means Miss Sturgeon will have to follow through on her warning to 'take steps' against the PM after Easter to defend the will of the Scottish Parliament.
The comments appear to hint that Ms Sturgeon could stage an advisory ballot but this would be a dangerous step fraught with questions about who would pay and whether unionist parties would take part at all.

Tonight's dramatic events come after a tense showdown between the leaders yesterday and on the eve of our divorce from the EU being formally triggered.

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