Friday 31 March 2017

Twitter User Apologizes To Girl Who Refunded His Date Money, Sends Back The 5k

Twitter has been agog since last night, after a Twitter user called out a girl he took out for a date, because she wasn't interested in a relationship. Well the girl gave an epic reply bu refunded his money and even added more to what he spent.

The guy has now apologized, saying he couldn't handle the rejection and felt she was a bit harsh. he also said he has refunded the 5k she sent.

Read what a Nairalanders wrote;

He doesn't need to apologise. This is what happens when people do good for selfish reasons. I help my friends both male and female without expecting anything in return. Some of these guys, their stupidity is in them like peak. I am sure he was hoping to embarrass her, but unfortunately or backfired on him.

I'm happy babes are getting sense. We need more to get sense and stop being parasitic. That's the only way guys like this can be put in place. 

They buy you popcorn and think they can bend you anyhow like straw on top bed to administer prick from various angles. He should go and sin no more. For the sensible and responsible guys, the Lord will take away refurbished olosho from your path.

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