Thursday, 8 June 2017

Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada

Dr. Adebola Olubamiji, the first black person to receive a PHD from University of Saskatchewa, Canada shared her success Story on FB and urged Nigerians to be bold & innovative.

We love when our very own succeeds and excels. The beauty about success stories is that it inspires us to do better and be better. Some stories are inspiring and Adebola’s success story is one of them.

Read and be motivated....

My name is Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji and I’m the first black person to have received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (5th of June, 2017). My Bachelors degree was in Physics from OOU. Because I had a 2.1, it opened the door for me to proceed to Finland for a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering. During this masters degree, I worked part-time as a cleaner and did this after my Masters as well. Out of determination, I applied to over 100 schools for my PhD and finally got a full 3 year scholarship (later extended to 4 years scholarship) at University of Saskatchewan, Canada  to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. While in that PhD program, I worked part-time as a makeup artist and seller at Sephora Canada, I braided hair and weaves for students, did tutoring jobs and teaching assistant jobs to make extra money. This journey wasn’t easy but it’s now paying off. I currently work as a Lead Metallurgical / Material Engineer in an Aerospace Manufacturing Company here in Canada.

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