Friday, 9 June 2017

Dear Theresa, You Are A Discredited Dead Duck And If You Think You Can Soldier On After The Worst Campaign In Living Memory You Are Not just Being A 'Difficult Woman' You Are Plain, Bloody Deluded - Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan: Dear Theresa, you're a discredited dead duck
You're toast, Theresa. The fork has been well and truly stuck firmly in your political back and there's no possible way you can now try to cling onto power. As Monty Python put it in their Dead Parrot sketch, your position is not just 'pining', it has 'ceased to be'. You've just waged the worst campaign in British political history and as a result, been spectacularly humiliated.

Yet very quickly it became painfully obvious your leadership skills were pathetically weak and grotesquely unstable.
I’ve never seen anyone wilt under fire in such an alarming, derisory manner.
Your failure to take part in the TV debates summed up the general cowardice that pervaded your entire campaign.

What were you so scared of that meant you couldn’t stand on a podium and debate important issues with your opponents?
We never found out but it made you look so spineless, especially at the last one when Jeremy Corbyn turned up and you sent Amber Rudd in your place, just two days after the death of her father. Margaret Thatcher would never have done that; she’d have instinctively known how embarrassing it would look.
Equally ill-advised was your decision to shun many of the TV and radio shows that party leaders traditionally appear on during election campaigns. This included Good Morning Britain, the ITV breakfast programme I co-host with Susanna Reid.
Again, what made you such a bottlejob? Corbyn dared to drag himself onto our sofa for a robust grilling and he emerged much the better for it because our viewers recognised he at least had the balls to face the music. Even my mother, a lifelong conservative, admitted afterwards that she rather liked him.
TV matters. Fronting up to proper media interrogation matters.
Yet you largely preferred to hide in Downing Street like a timid little shrew, too terrified to step outside and take any risks.

You also surrounded yourself with vile, poisonous aides who loved screaming and shouting at the media for not towing the line but didn’t have a clue how to defend a gigantic poll lead.
Your manifesto was clueless. It lacked clarity, despite you constantly banging on about being ‘very clear’, and it lacked any sense of theme, focus, purpose or ambition.
Worse, as exemplified by the disastrous ‘dementia tax’, it stupidly targeted the very people you most needed to vote for you: those who had worked hard all their life and saved enough money to buy a home they hoped to leave to their families.
You created totally unnecessary fear, panic and anger just as you ironically continued to insist everything was ‘strong and stable’.
As own goals go in politics, this was right up there with the worst I’ve ever seen.
Then there was your record as Home Secretary. Many thought this would be a positive thing for you when Britain was hit by a series of terror attacks in recent weeks.
But the opposite happened as people realised it was you who had slashed police numbers and control orders, thus making it easier for the killers to escape detection.
Finally, there was your personality, or rather lack of it.
What was initially seen as reassuring dullness became a massively unappealing, relentless mundanity typified by your claim that the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done was run through a wheat field.
We laughed right to the point we realised you were deadly serious.
By contrast, Corbyn grew more interesting, passionate and animated as the campaign continued.
Let ME be clear now: I don’t think he should lead this country, mainly because I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him on national security and he would never be able to pay for a tenth of the stuff he’s promised.

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