Thursday, 8 June 2017

Drama As Cheating Father-Of-5 Gets Stuck Inside His Sister-In-Law During Sex In Kenya .

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was drama at Tanners Estate in Nakuru town Tuesday morning after a 56-year-old man physically got stuck inside his wife’s sister.
The father of five was found in the act with his sister-in-law at a Nakuru town lodging, which they booked on Monday night.

A night fun transformed into a dawn of pain as the duo screamed for help after failing to extricate themselves from the embarrassing situation.
Lodging attendants acting on hearing the screams rushed to the room where the two were booked and broke the door, only to find the two ‘lover birds’ physically stuck.

Image result for 56-Year-Old Kenyan man gets stuck while having sex with his sister-in-law

The man’s wife, Margaret Nabwire, confessed to seeking witchdoctor’s intervention as her husband has been engaging in flings with different women, prompting her to take action.
Nabwire, who lives with her husband in Kisii town confessed to paying a local witchdoctor, Annette Mutheu, Ksh40, 000 to enable her nab her rogue husband.

“This woman (Nabwire) came to me complaining that her husband was unfaithful. I told her to write the name of her husband on a piece of paper, after which I will use kamuti (concoction) to lock him and his lover up. As evident, the kamuti has worked. I lock up philandering couples for Ksh40, 000. The cost of separating a stuck couple would be incurred by the victims,” said Mutheu.

Nabwire said that her husband claimed that he was travelling to Mombasa for a week to purchase a vehicle only to go to Nakuru with her sister, even after absconding family responsibilities.

“I live in Kisii town with my husband. We have been married for 20 years; and have five children together. He has been unfaithful for the longest time I know. Last week, we sold a parcel of land to buy a car that we would use in business. Instead of going to Mombasa to buy the car, he took my younger sister to Nakuru to engage in sexual activities with her. I am the one paying for my sister’s education,” said Nabwire.

“When my efforts to contain my husband’s philandering ways proved unsuccessful, I sought the services of Annette Mutheu, who has helped me. I recommend her to anyone whose marriage is facing similar problems to mine. I thank Mutheu. Let the incident serve as a lesson to my husband,” added Nabwire.

Mutheu accompanied Nabwire to Nakuru town, where she performed rituals using different concoctions to separate the two.
“Please forgive me my sister. The man offered me Ksh2,000 for sex. I also stole all the money he was to use on buying a car. Please forgive me, my sister. I am tired. I have learnt my lesson the hard way (writhes in pain),” Nabwire’s sister cried.
“My wife, I beg you. Please forgive me. I will not repeat the mistake I did. Forgive me (cries),” begged Nabwire’s husband.
Police in Nakuru town arrested the man.

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