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]Nigerian Social Media Palaver; 'Why I Dragged Ademile Bakray Infinity to UK Court' - Nigerian Society Lady Writes Esabod

‘I Have Dragged Ademile Bakray, alias Infinity to BRITISH Court for Defamation of Character and Threat to Life’-Yetunde Oriyomi, London-based Nigerian Society lady

…Absolves self: “I have not introduced any lady to Infinity, I ran away from him for slandering people’
* ‘One of Ademile’s group members leaked the viral Sex video out, I have No Knowledge’

* ‘British police issued a written warning to Infinity in 2015’
* ‘We are starting a Court case over this matter early April, I have submitted all my Evidence to the Police’
* ‘Ademile’s Fake stories about me since 2015 up till now almost affecting me mentally’
* ‘My Hands are CLEAN, I have Nothing to do with Infinity Sex story’
* ‘I work more than 50hrs a week. I have record for all I do. I am Happily married and live with my husband and kids. I attend school as a part time student’
*PLUS HOW Ademile betrayed Wine Oriadeoja, Her Untold Relocation to Nigeria

Esabod broke the news of one Ademile Bakray, notoriously known as ‘Infinity’, London based publisher of defunct ‘Infinity Magazine’ whose sole identity is to allegedly blackmail through subtle threat Nigerian married women and single ladies in a bid to extort funds from them and eventually ‘sleep with them. Obviously, internet went viral after the news hit social media.

Paragraph seven of our the previous story published read:

 “Some other documents received from some these angry Nigerian lady alleged that Infinity is the man in the nude video, that Ademile is a porn promoter in Nigeria and United Kingdom, UK. The unverified document read (unedited) states that ‘Infinity has claimed Yetunde Oriyomi was the person who supplies him naked Nigerian ladies.

Infinity claimed LAFUNKY also make available to him Nigerian naked ladies. Infinity claims Angelic Brown is jobless in UK, Naomi is a fat animal.

Abike Jagaban is too ugly at heart. Infinity says Kudi Dolapo is a failure. Our people, please ask this man, how we arrived at all these evil?”

Going by this unsubstantiated document which we said ‘unverified’, aside other visual and audio tapes in our editorial team possession sent by few of the angry Nigerian women, Yetunde Oriyomi, a Nigerian born British has reacted to the story to clear herself so that the world will know she has nothing whatsoever to do with Satanic incarnate’s Infinity man.

 She also reveals various ways she has been harassed mentality by Ademile’s continuous slander, such that she has now dragged this man in the center of storm to court of jurisdiction in United Kingdom to answer for all his crimes against her.

In the exact words of Yetunde: “I saw your story regarding Ademile Bakare known as infinity. I read that it’s one Yetunde Oriyomi that supply them the girls in the video. I am Yetunde Oriyomi, a wife of somebody and mother of 2 kids.

 I have being in employment for over 10years. Yes I used to know infinity in the pass. I met him in 2014 and he was a brother to me. I decided to run away from him because of the way he slander people which became very painful to him. He started slandering and defaming me using a lady called Wine Oriadeoja to be releasing audios to destroy me.

On British police written warning to Ademile, and his fake stories “I have no other choice than to report the issue to the British police and a written warning was issued to infinity in 2015 but the lady ran back to Nigeria. Unfortunately he started again late year to defame me again and the case continue till this moment. We are starting a court case over this matter because I nearly lost my life over the fake stories that went viral about me then.

Regarding the betrayal attitude of Ademile to anyone he meets by stylishly recording their conversation for blackmail, Yetunde explains: “But as fate would have it, Infinity disappointed his group including the lady wine Oriadeoja when he recorded all conversation he had with any body that called him which later leaks to public. Reason why wine Oriadeoja exposed him of how she was asked to defame me. All documentation and proofs have been submitted to the police regarding this and a court case is commencing early next month (April). I have not introduced any lady to infinity and I did not know him more than few months before we parted ways when I realized that he’s not the type I should move with. One of his group members leaked the sex video out which I did not know nothing about or any of those girls as it goes viral.
Working lawfully hard and schooling as a part time student, her words: “I work more than 50hrs a week and I have record for all I do. Happily married and live with my husband and kids. I go to school as a part time student too so therefore I do not have time for rubbish. I don’t know why you have to put my name in your news saying I introduced the ladies to them. What infinity did for me since 2015 up till now affected me mentally but thank God I am still alive. Reason I have to bring him down to justice. Take my name off your stories because I did not know anything about the sex story. Do not hesitate to contact me if there is a need. Yetunde Oriyomi.”
Immediately, our editorial management has officially replied Yetunde Oriyomi that she should supply to us all the evidence and proof she submitted in the British court against Ademile, as our stories on exposing Infinity will be in series as promised in our last edition. We had published Series One, this is Series Two, we will continue to expose Infinity until he is apprehended by Nigerian anti-human trafficking for ‘Sexual offense, prosecuted by law enforcement agents for blackmail. We will keep you updated.”

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