Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ghanaian Boxer Beats Comedian Up On Live TV For Making A Joke About His Hair (Video)

Ghanaian boxer beats comedian
During a Live TV Program in Ghana, a guest on the show, a Ghanaian boxer, punched a co-guest, a comedian, Baba Spirit, and tried to beat him up on Live TV, after the latter decided to make a joke out of the boxer’s hairstyle.

Ghanaian boxer beats comedian
Boxer, Ayitey Powers

The boxer, Ayittey Powers showed up to the studio as a guest on the show for an interview alongside Baba Spirit…but all of a sudden Ayittey Powers became angry, got up and started beating the comedian.
The boxer started his fight with a warning saying: “If I knew you were going to invite this boy here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.”
He then launched a fierce attack on Baba Spirit who was still sitting helplessly. This got the host of the show, Sokoohemaa, very frightened and alarmed that she started screaming for help.
But the for timely intervention of the camera men and others who heard the cry for help, Baba Spirit would have been in a dangerous health condition by now.
Watch the video:

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