Tuesday 20 February 2018

Two Nigerian Men Arrested In The Border Town Of Eastern Thailand After A Dramatic Car Chase

Two Nigerian illegals and a Thai taxi driver were arrested in Aranyaprathet, a border town of Eastern Thailand, after a dramatic border chase traversing five checkpoints.
The Nigerians were eventually rounded up in a sugar cane plantation trying to return to Cambodia.

The drama began around 8am when a policeman on his rounds saw two black men vault over a wall into the car park at Rong Klua market.
They had jumped over to flee Cambodia. They jumped into a waiting taxi and the three including the taxi driver sped off.
Police and military authorities were soon informed as the taxi went along the Sri Phen Road that follows the border. In total five checkpoints both police and military were traversed before strips managed to damage the taxi enough to make it stop.

At that point the two Nigerians bailed out of the taxi and disappeared into a sugar cane field. As they tried to cross back into Cambodia they were arrested.
A bag in the boot of the taxi contained their passports identified them as Reginald Uzoho, 27, and Chinaka Ibemere, 31.
They told police they had been in Vietnam before they left and went into Cambodia. They said they were headed for Pratunam in Bangkok to see a friend.
 Photos: Two Nigerian men arrested in the border town of Eastern Thailand after a dramatic car chase

They clammed up when asked to explain why they had no exit stamp from Vietnam. Police believe they were breaking the law there.
Taxi driver Wan Thongkhan, 57, told police that he was hired by Cambodians for 3,000 baht to drive two men to Bangkok. He said that he was forced by the Nigerians to drive on through the checkpoints.
Police dismissed this story as nonsense as he had plenty of opportunity to stop and give up.
The cops are looking into the background of the Nigerians and the taxi driver to see what they were up to suspecting that it may well have something to do with illicit drugs.

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