Tuesday, 29 May 2018

“How My Sister Brought Me Into Acting 6 Years Ago”-Wave Making Yoruba Actor, Temitope Iledo Speaks

“How My Sister Brought Me Into Acting 6 Years Ago”-Wave Making Yoruba Actor, Temitope Iledo Speaks

Temitope Iledo is one of the young and talented actors currently making waves in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood. Though, he is from Edo State but based in Ibadan, Oyo State. His journey into acting started in 2012 after he obtained a form from Olatayo Amokade aka Ijebu’s theatre group. Since then, he has quietly been dishing out fantastic movies. In a chat with, the talented actor explained how he got into acting through her elder sister who was once a practitioner of arts.

According to him, “my coming into acting was the effort of my elder sister, Helen Iledo. I actually informed her and she linked me with my boss, Olatayo Amokade popularly known as Ijebu. She was also in the movie industry until she left to face her studies in school. I explained to her that I have a passion for acting; it is my longtime dream to be one of the best actors in Nollywood. I contacted Ijebu through her. 

I spoke with him and he asked me to come to Lagos to obtain the form. The rest is history today. I will like to appreciate him for his support when I shot my first production. He really tried for me. The movie is titled Alapakan. It was a story about 4 lazy boys in a village, who are vagabonds and disturbing the ladies all around the village. Their laziness led them to be fake beggars, pretending to be blind and cripple. These tricks were introduced to them by a man who returned from Lagos. The man was using the 4 of them to enrich his pocket by telling them to go on the streets for begging and he pays them peanut from it. The flick featured the likes of Ijebu, Afeez Owo, Tayo Sobola, Temitope Iledo, Jaiye Kuti, Toyin Afolayan, Lola idije, Tunde Usman (Okele), Olaitan Jewool, Ife Olawale, Bisola Olajide and others. he explained.

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