Thursday, 31 May 2018

Police Dog DIES As Axe-Wielding Man Shrieking ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacks Armed Officers Who Shoot Him To The Ground In Dutch City Of Schiedam

This police dog was killed in the attack as the man fatally stabbed it. Police initially thought the dog was okay but it later died

The police shot down a 26-year-old man in Schiedam who was waving an axe with an axe. According to witnesses, he would also have called Allahu akbar. In the police systems, it is examined whether more is known about this man.
The man was shot when he attacked members of the arrest team who entered the apartment at Van den Tempelstraat. In the fighting that arose a police dog was seriously injured who later died. An attempt by agents to eliminate the man with the taser (impulse weapon) failed. The man was taken to the hospital with injuries in his lower body.

Emergency workers were seen carrying the 26-year-old out of the apartment as they rushed him to the operating theatre 

It was decided to invade the flat after agents had tried in vain to calm the man down. Even the negotiators who were brought in did not manage to make contact.

"It is serious that this happened in a residential area," says Mayor Cor Lamers. '' Although the situation took place in a home, bystanders did experience what was happening. I can imagine that it was frightening. "
Armed police were pictured in the streets after they shot a man who shouted Allahu Akbar while wielding an axe 

During the fighting, officers reportedly tried unsuccessfully to taser the man, who stabbed a police dog. 

The man has been taken to hospital in critical condition but NOS reports he is now stable. 

Pictures from the scene showed his covered body being loaded onto a stretcher as officers sent him to hospital. 
The man reportedly stabbed a dog in the attack, which later died as a result of its injuries 

Mayor Cor Lamers told NU the man was of a Syrian background and 'was known to different aid agencies'.  
The police dog was pictured shortly after the accident getting into a forced vehicle and officers said on social media it was fine. 
But shortly after they announced it had died as a result of its injuries.  

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