Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Man Caught After Sneaking Into Neighbor’s Flat To Have Sex With Wife In Lagos

The police at Area M Command, Idimu, led by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Augustine Akika have trapped a man naked as he sneaked into his neighbour's flat to sleep with his wife in Lagos.

It was gathered that the incident happened off NNPC Road close to Zenith Bank PLC area in Ejigbo Lagos where they resided.

The suspect identified as Mr. Ben Chimaeze had offered N1m but the husband of the woman insisted that he will not collect less than N5m, because he preferred to kill Chimaeze in his house.

It was gathered that Chimaeze had been wooing his neighbour’s wife Nneoma despite the fact that he knew that she was married.

He was said to have taken Nneoma out several times to pepper soup and drink joints and had given her money which she always accepted.

Despite all the gifts, Nneoma had not allowed him to sleep with her not minding his pleadings.

On the day the incident happened, Nneoma was said to have demanded N100,000 and N50,000 differently and he transferred the money to her account.

Mr. Chimaeze was said to have invited her to a hotel but she declined to explain that her husband was popular and if they went to any hotel, somebody who knew her husband might see them.

It was gathered that Nneoma then suggested that he should come to their flat since her husband had traveled and it will be better and safer for her.

According to P.M.Express, Chimaeze agreed and even bought a pack of Mr Biggs for her.

When he got there, Nneoma told him that she will not like to use a condom and therefore that he should go to the bathroom and freshen up.

Unknown to him, there was a trap set for him by the woman and her husband.

Police sources said that while Chimaeze was in the bathroom, the police arranged by the couple then moved in, took video and asked what he was doing there at that period.

His clothes were seized and Nneoma’s husband gave him boxers’ pant which he wore and he was detained at the Command.

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