Wednesday 13 March 2019

Pupils Feared Dead As Parents Storm Hospitals To See The State Of Their Children Rescued From Collapsed School Building (video)

Update: Wailing parents storm hospitals in Lagos Island to see the state of their children rescued from collapsed school building (video)
Earlier today, a three-story building which had a school in it collapsed in Lagos Island.

Many pupils are feared dead after the school building located in Ita Faji, Lagos Island in Lagos state, collapsed on Wednesday.

The school is said to be on the last floor of the three-storeyed building that collapsed.

Over 100 pupils are said to be feared dead.

Parents are at the scene weeping and calling out the names of their children.

Videos of the distraught parents at the hospitals where the trapped pupils were rushed to, have been shared online and they are quite heartbreaking. See below. 

A 3 storey children school just collapse in Itafaaji, Lagos Island.

Over 100 children are trapped in the building.
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BREAKING: Tragedy strikes in Lagos. Many pupils feared dead while hundreds are trapped, as 3-storey building, including a private school collapse at Ita Faaji area of Lagos Island.
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Heartbreaking reactions to the unfortunate incident. Emergency respondents are already on ground to salvage the situation.
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