Sunday 5 May 2019

Francis Odega Speaks On Beating His Wife And Kicking Her Out

Actor Francis Odega has reacted after his daughter cried out to Nigerians on how he has been treating her and her mother.

The girl in a video revealed that the “gerarahere” crooner has kicked her and her mom out of the house and revealed he has not paid her fees.

Francis has now taken to Instagram this morning to share videos of himself reacting to the accusations.

According to him;

"Honestly I am not happy, it is surprising to me. This is the same woman I gave 7 million Naira with her mum to purchase land for me, I have not seen the property till today.

This is the same woman I have given over 4 cars in the last years."

He revealed that his daughter was given a script to read from because his daughter loves her and knows he pays her bills.

here is the v 

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