Saturday 11 May 2019

Houston Police Dept: Maleah Davis’ Step-Father Now Considered A Suspect In Her Disappearance

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The stepfather of 4-year-old Maleah Davis, who has been missing for 4 days, is now considered a suspect in her disappearance.
The Houston Police Department tells Fox News affiliate Fox26 that Darion Vence is now a suspect.
Vence claims he was carjacked by three Hispanic males who knocked him unconscious and took Maleah late Friday while he was on his way to the airport to pick up Maleah’s mother. Vence claims he, Maleah and his 2-year-old son were abducted by the three unknown males who stole his silver 2008 Nissan Altima and sped off with Maleah.

Houston PD believes Vence, 26, gave conflicting stories about Maleah's disappearance. There is a large gap in his timeline that is not explained.
Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens, also suspects that Vence is not telling the truth.
"His story, it doesn't sound right. Honestly, I haven't really talked to him much because I've been focused on finding Maleah. I called his family, and he's devastated."
But Bowens is also under scrutiny. She was waiting for Vence to pick her up from the airport on Friday night. When Vence and the children failed to show up, Bowens called a friend to pick her up. She then waited until the next day to call the police to report her family missing.
Maleah and her 2 brothers, ages 5 and 2, were removed from Bowens' home by Child Protective Services in August while conducting an investigation into the cause of Maleah's head injury.
Maleah has undergone multiple surgeries related to the head injury, which CPS determined was caused by an accidental fall. The three children were returned to their home in February.
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Meanwhile, Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis (pictured with Maleah), is cooperating with police. He lives with the mother of his 5-month-old daughter, Karsyn, in Houston.
Friends urged him to remove his 5-year-old son from Bowens' custody, fearing he might meet the same fate as his sister, Maleah.

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