Thursday 23 January 2014

Plastic surgeon creates ‘perfect wife’ with ‘Wonder Woman Makeover’ – then asks her to marry him on first date

Plastic surgeon Dr David Matlock, 49, met his wife Veronica, 38, when she visited his clinic in Los Angeles, California for vaginoplasty after giving birth to her daughter. Dr Matlock her out for a date, immediately proposed to her, and has been helping her to enhance her figure ever since.

Ever since they first met in 2007, Dr. David Matlock, a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, has been using his body-sculpting skills to turn his wife Veronica into the perfect wife.
When Veronica first visited Dr. Matlock to ask about a vaginoplasty procedure after giving birth to her daughter, she had no idea she would soon become his wife. But he did. The beautiful brunette was 40lbs heavier and was so unhappy with the way she looked that she couldn’t even look him in the eye during their first conversation. But David didn’t see her extra pounds, he just saw her potential and asked her if she was willing to go through a “Wonder Woman Makeover” which included liposuction of the chin, arms and thighs as well as a “Brazilian Butt” lift. She opted for everything he suggested and put her body in his able hands. After he was done, Dr. Matlock asked Veronica out and proposed to her on their very first date. He has been helping her improve her physique ever since, also encouraging her to stick to a healthy diet and strict exercise program.
Photo: Veronica Matlock/Facebook
But it wasn’t just Veronica who benefited from Dr. Matlock’s procedures. In order to get the perfect manly body he had always dreamed of, the plastic surgeon has undergone several procedures himself. The 49-year-old says diet and exercising could only take his body to a certain level, so he had liposuction done on his pecs, biceps and triceps, and used a technique called Vaser High Def Liposculpting, which he pioneered, to inject live fat into the biceps, triceps, calves, or pecs and give them a sculpted look. Today, both he and his 39-year-old wife compete in body-building competitions which keep them motivated to look their best. “Because he keeps himself looking good, it’s added pressure. So I feel like I have to look good, you know,” Veronica told Barcroft Media. The two eat six carefully planned meals a day, consisting of lean chicken, fish, rice and vegetables.
Photo: Veronica Matlock/Facebook
The Matlocks’ daughter, nine-year-old Isabella, doesn’t share their views on fitness and plastic surgery. She feels healthy food doesn’t taste good and says she would never want to go under the knife for cosmetic purposes, “because it’s not really you, like I want to be myself”. Veronica says that although her husband encourages her to get various procedures done, she feels he loves her for who she is, because when she first walked into his office she didn’t look very attractive, but he always tells her it was love at first sight.
Photo: Dr. Matlock
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