Thursday 23 January 2014

Shocking: US Police Man & Woman On Duty Caught Having S*x In Empty Vacation Home

New York - Two US police officers were caught unawares in a New York neighborhood having s*x in a resident’s house.
The officers, one a patrolman and the other a female traffic control officer, believed that the vacation home was empty when they decided to choose it for their s*x romp.
Unfortunately for them, the owner of the home was expecting guests who happened upon the couple in the act and reported them.

According to Huffington Post reports:

An unnamed 31-year-old patrolman and a 20-year-old female part-time traffic control officer were so focused on their s*xy stakeout that they apparently didn’t notice the guests’ arrival.

The visitors quietly exited and walked a short distance to the East Hampton Village station house to report the romantic intruders, the East Hampton Star said.

The cops were caught on Dec. 30. The three guests had arrived from Georgia to spend the New Year’s holiday in the vacation home of Manhattan interior designer J. Arthur Dunnam.

The female officer also reportedly worked part-time as a maid in Dunnam’s home. She has been stripped of her job while her male companion was suspended without pay.

Dunnam pressed charges and Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen told the East Hampton Star that there’s “an ongoing internal investigation.”

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