Friday, 6 June 2014

Fox Makes Daily Shoe Delivery To Family's Garden

They've long been known as the most cunning animal around - and it seems this urban fox is happily living up to its reputation.
A fox with a foot fetish from Horsforth, West Yorkshire has been swiping pairs of shoes from unsuspecting residents - and dropping them off as gifts to a neighbour's garden.
Elaine Hewitt and her husband William keep waking up to different pairs of shoes - including designer trainers, work boots and even smart leather shoes - which have been dropped off overnight by the animal.

The family believe this mother fox is responsible for the shoes deliveries to their home
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Elaine Hewitt, 40, from Horsforth, West Yorkshire, pictured here with her daughter Felicity, has woken up to daily deliveries of footwear from an urban fox, who swipes them from neighbours and drops them off in the Hewitts' garden
Elaine Hewitt, 40, from Horsforth, West Yorkshire, pictured with her daughter Felicity, set up a stall to return shoes to her neighbours because an urban fox keeps delivering pairs of footwear to the family's garden
It all began when the fox delivered a pair of Y-fronts to the family - and soon the fox had brought them nearly 40 pairs of shoes.The family have now become so inundated with random pairs of shoes that they set up a shoe stall outside their home, in a bid to return the shoes to their rightful owners.
The family believe this mother fox is responsible for the shoes deliveries to their home

Mrs Hewitt, 40, said: 'We started putting them in the garage and when we had two full carrier bags, I decided enough was enough.
'Some were quite good quality and new. There were brands like Vans and Firetrap. We got hiking boots and even a man’s workboots.'
Mrs Hewitt said the mother fox has stolen around 30 to 40 shoes from her neighbour's doorsteps and porches.
She said: 'It started a few months ago when a pair of Y-Fronts appeared on the lawn in the back garden.
'I looked out the window and saw what I thought was a pair of underpants, and it was. It was quite alarming really, but then the next day there was a shoe left in the same place.
'I realised there was an animal bringing them and then on a daily basis we got a shoe delivered.'
The shoes - which are never damaged and include expensive brands - are left overnight by a mother fox with a den nearby.
Mrs Hewitt said: 'We see the fox around a lot. She has five cubs and it’s no doubt it’s her. There will be a stash of shoes in her den.
'She gets them from people’s houses around here. We see a lot of garden shoes and kids shoes that might have been left outside.
'I think she might bring them back as toys for her cubs. She is very tame and she gets very close to us.'
Despite advertising the miscellaneous shoes to their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Hewitt still have a large pile of unclaimed footwear

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