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J-Lo And Casper Cheating Scandal: Transgender Model Speaks Out As Tearful Jennifer Lopez Heads Back To NY

As a tearful Jennifer Lopez heads back to New York without Casper Smart, Sofie Vissa, the transgender model caught in the middle of their rumoured split, exclusively tells Woman’s Day of her sexy secret picture exchanges with J-Lo’s toyboy.
While Sofie has more than 27,000 followers on Instagram, no one has paid her more attention recently than Casper, 27. The dancer, who’s been dating J-Lo, 44, for three years, began swapping near-naked pictures with Sofie after discovering her online.
“I sent him like five or six pictures,” Sofie says. “There were a couple of semi-explicit [ones] and then the last one I was completely nude. And he ‘liked’ the post.”
Sofie, a 23-year-old model from LA, says there’s no doubt Casper knew she was transgender from the start of their intimate chats.

“I’d do hashtags on Instagram… to get a lot of followers I’d put #TS or #Shemale or #transgendered on them she says. “I remember I put those hashtags on one of my photos and when I went back to look at my phone I’d got a request from Casper.
“I approved him and, like right away, within 30 minutes, he started ‘liking’ a lot of my pictures. I have over 600 on my Instagram - he was liking pictures from when I first started it three years ago.”
Sofia -and -message
The pair soon began instant messaging each other, chatting about their lives and, while Casper was cautious about what he commented on, he soon began privately requesting sexier shots.
“I’d just had a photoshoot and I posted pictures in a blue bikini,” Sofie tells, adding Casper replied, ‘I like your water pics lol’.
“I was like, ‘Which one? How are you?’, and he wrote, ‘Second one with the blue top’.”
When Sofie questioned why he didn’t then ‘like’ it on her profile, he replied, “Because a lot of people monitor what I like. And I think telling you is better, don’t you?”
We’re told Casper asked, ‘I wanna see more, what you got?’ Sofie replied, ‘What do you wanna see? My smile?’, to which he responded, ‘Haha sure. That’s the best attribute on a person.’
“I said, ‘I like smiles, eyes and nice asses,’” says Sofie, “and he put ‘me too. I got all of those’.”
Texts -final
The model, who bears a striking resemblance to J-Lo, first sent Casper two pictures - one in a bikini and another in a short blue dress - but he wasn’t satisfied. Sofie believes “he wanted something explicit.”
When she asked for a picture of him in return, he said he couldn’t. “I said, ‘That’s not fair’, and he went, ‘You have to send me something reeeally good.’ I wrote ‘Sucks balls’. Then he was like, ‘Come on! Send me something good and I’ll text you.’
Casper eventually sent Sofie two shots of himself in his underwear.
Despite his secret flirtation, he continued to stand by his mega-star girlfriend - even joining her in Vegas on May 18 at the Billboard Awards - despite being in contact with Sofie that same day.
Jlo -and -sofia
After weeks of exchanging messages and sexy shots, the pair had plans to meet up, but the game ended abruptly after Sofie shared a completely nude shot.
“I was thinking somebody saw it or he got in trouble,” Sofie says, “but then he ‘liked’ it. I just stopped talking to him.”
Casper then deleted pictures and conversations the pair had shared with each other.
Now that a second transsexual model Xristina Marie has come forth claiming she too exchanged explicit photos with Casper, it appears his relationship with Jennifer is unsalvageable.
“This was his last chance and he is denying any wrongdoing,” a source close to the situation tells Woman’s Day. “He insists he’s done nothing and is totally innocent.”
“Jennifer was in tears when this information broke. She feels she’s living a lie.”
Although Casper denies anything happened between him and Sofie, screen grabs of their messages have enraged J-Lo to the point where she is determined to find answers.
“She hired three separate investigative teams,” our source reveals.
"While Jennifer is waiting for the rest of the investigators to tell her everything, she and Casper have been having full-blown, knockdown, drag-out fights over this.
"She’s always been worried about the rumours of Casper being gay or bisexual… it’s always in the back of her head. She worries about it.”
 What will Jennifer say? Jennifer Lopez will no doubt be horrified by Sofie's claims about her boyfriend
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