Thursday 5 June 2014

Go To Polling Booths With Charms, Aregbesola Urges Voters As Isiaka Adeleke Formally Declares For APC [Photos]

Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, has tasked residents of the state to go to the polling booths on August 9, 2014 armed with charms and verses from the Quran and Bible.
The governor, who said this in Ikire on Tuesday during his campaign in the town, however, did not say what voters would use the charms and prayer verses for.
Speaking in Yoruba language, Aregbesola urged the people of the state to go out and cast their ballots and stay back until the result was announced to avoid rigging.
He described the Peoples Democratic Party as an assemblage of men who are promiscuous for asking young women to “dress to kill” while going to cast their ballots during the governorship poll.
The governor said, “Make sure you go to cast your ballots with everything. I am not saying you should go there with guns but the law does not frown against charms, verses from the Quran and psalms of the Bible.

“Cast your votes for APC and stay back. Wait for the sorting, counting and announcement of result. Make sure you are there to witness how agents would sign the election results. Stay back, don’t hurry home to avoid manipulation.”
Aregbesola promised that he would performed more that what he is doing now if he is voted back into office.
He stated that the kind of beautiful schools built by his administration were previously considered to be impossible. According to him, the kind of structures used as school buildings during the PDP regime were not fit for animals to dwell in.
Aregbesola said, “We are of the opinion that power is responsibility. But PDP believes that power has no responsibility. That is the difference between the two of us.
“Our party rules with the aim of running a government that is beneficial to the people. We have the people’s welfare at heart.
“Whereas the PDP is selfish, greedy and avaricious, we do not resemble them. PDP was here for close to eight years, it was not in their imagination that ambulances are needed on our roads.”
The Akire of Ikire, Oba Olatunde Falabi, while receiving the governor, commended him for performing well since he took over in November 2010.
Falabi said the people did not need a soothsayer to tell them that the government of APC had brought huge development to the state in the past three and half years.
The monarch noted that if a government performs very well in its first term then such government deserves to come back.
He said, “You have done very well in your first term. We did not need another person to tell us that. We can see the development with our very eyes. We can see the transformation of the state all around us.
“In fact, you have been doing the job as if your life depends on it. With this achievement, your second term is guaranteed.” OSUN 2014: AREGBESOLA IN IKIRE, SAYS  OUR FIRST TERM ACHIEVEMENTS WILL BE A CHILD’S PLAY TO OUR SECOND TERM

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