Thursday, 5 June 2014

Shocking Moment Toddler Dangled From 5th Floor Building While Mum Slept

It was a shocking sight when crowds below a high rise building watched a little toddler dangle from the fifth floor balcony of a building in Brazil .
A waiter across the road from the building first alerted to the danger when he heard a scream

"It was a desperation ... Customers started crying at the sight.I thought nothing of it and ran to help."
According to The boy of about 3 years old is believed to have climbed on a chair against the balcony and become stuck.He was rescued from the ledge by Bruno Teixeira, who said the child's mother was asleep inside the entire time.
"When we saw the boy hanging we ran without looking..When we arrived at the apartment the room door was open and the balcony was closed. (The child's) mother was asleep. She should be more responsible with son's life."

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