Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Meet Beyonce’s New Bodyguard: After Rumour Of An Affair With Longtime Bodyguard Julius De Boer

Beyonce and Jay Z leave an office together in New York
Last week, rumors swirled that Bordello singer Beyonce was smashing her longtime bodyguard Julius De Boer.[Read Story Here] Sources confirmed to Radar Online that Beyonce’s aging husband, Jay Z, ordered her to fire Julius if she wanted to save her marriage. But Beyonce reportedly refused, saying, “Julius is not going anywhere.”

Beyonce and Jay Z leave an office together in New York
But new paparazzi photos show Beyonce and Jay Z leaving an office building in New York on Saturday — and for the first time in years Beyonce has a new bodyguard!
This is not the first time that rumors have surfaced about Beyonce and Julius having an affair. Julius is sometimes Bey’s only companion on the road and he reportedly slept in Bey’s hotel rooms.
Rumor also has it — and please DON’T repeat this! — that Julius is the one who tipped off gossip tabloid TMZ about the existence of that shocking elevator surveillance video. According to a source, the Standard hotel does not routinely review elevator surveillance videos unless an inquiry is made — such as a police report or a tip that there was a fight involving high profile guests.
As you know, the video was leaked to TMZ by a former hotel staffer. It shows Jay Z hiding behind his wife as his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, kicked and pummeled him relentlessly. No charges were ever filed against Solange.
Photos: Headlinephoto/Splash News

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