Monday, 10 November 2014

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Wanted Man Post Series Of Images On His Facebook Account Taunting UK Police Officers (Photos)

A wanted man in the UK has posted a series of images to his Facebook account, taunting police officers who he has managed to evade to date. According to police, Aaron Bee, 22, is being sought over assault and domestic violence charges in Lincolnshire last month. Bee, who remains at large, posted a picture of a mannequin wearing police clothing and holding a speed gun, and another photo showing Bee posing for a selfie outside Lincoln police station.

See images from Aaron Bee's Facebook account below:

This image is embeddable: Aaron Bee via Facebook

Haha I've only gone and made the sun

Hello is it me your looking for  

Just a quick selfie out side Lincoln police station 🚔🚔

Mask of freedom 

You'll not catch me stood there pal 

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