Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lagos Banker Abandon Matrimonial Home To Marry Her Boss In Dubai - Husband laments & Curses Her On Facebook

 Ifeanyi Kenneth Okpoko is heart broken at the moment as Blessing Ifeanyi-Okpoko, his wife and mother of his two daughters, has left him to secretly marry a fellow banker/boss, Kelvin Ugwuoke in Dubai, yet she claims to be a christian and attends Bishop Oyedepo's Winners' chapel.

PM News reports that Blessing, a bank manager of a new generation bank, fled her matrimonial home after he discovered her secret marriage to another banker, in Dubai.
An embittered Ifeanyi said, Blessing and Ugwuoke who is the risk manager at a new generation on Lagos Island, secretly went to Dubai with few friends and formalized their marriage union before returning to Nigeria

With new hubby, Kelvin                                   Blessing and estranged husband

Read Excerpts from Kenneth Ifeanyi Okpoko's Facebook Page

"No sane man or woman will wish their children a broken home. It's quite unfortunate that my dear born again wife who claims she is under the apostle ship of Bishop Oyedepo has chosen career against family for obviously very selfish interest without considering the future of our very innocent daughters." He posted recently on Facebook but Last year (2013), he posted the message below: 

"I just thank God for restoring my peace after saving me from the evil hands of my satanic christian ex wife who claims I married her for her wealth• i didn't know it was a crime to marry a banker even at their lowest level cause u will automatically be tagged a gold digger• we slept on the bare floor on our wedding night cause neither of us could afford to sponsor honey moon in any decent place and yet I came to dig gold• I was just lucky that God blessed the works of my hands and the satanic woman wants to take the glory by telling people she made me who I am but I know God will surely purnish her for that• she is now out to claim everything we achieved so far by the grace of God but she will surely fail cause the truth will always prevail• she raided my house I'm absence and made away with all my home appliances including broom and toilet brush and took the children away from their school just to show power by a typical stupid Enugu state woman (wawa). She is now so frustrated that she is going round every police station in Lagos disturb my peace as usual. 
Madam AGM who never used her money to make a good meal for her family is enriching police and lawyers just to fight Ifeanyi,but I thank God it is over between us forever and no police or lawyer can do anything about it.There are still good women out there and I will surely hook up with one and be happy again....the kids will surely grow up to realise how satanic a woman their mother is by always using them to accomplish her ever foolish missions, and fight her's very clear that people from Enugu State must always have complex..."

Dutiful husband


  1. I don't blame you for complaining about your misfortune but I will not take the insult from you as an Enugu man cos I know our girls very much. You must have hurt her so much to have taken that step. Take it from me as an Enugu man.

  2. Anu mpama! If you have a problem with your ex wife and you are bitter does not mean you should insult Enugu people. Mkpi!

  3. So wat has your situation got to do wit Enugu people. Your speach clearly indicate that you are the cause of your problems and may even be telling unnecessary lies.

  4. Abeg! Bishop Oyedepo didn't scatter your home

  5. I think its inferiority complex that pushed you away from your wife... She's probably making more money than you... @blogger, you need to work on your wring and never forget to proofread...