Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pastor Undresses Female Church Member On Live TV [Photo+Video]

Pastor Kanyari parading a topless woman whom he claimed was HIV positive

A pastor in Kenya, Victor Kanyari is said to be receiving serious backlash from the public a video of him parading a topless woman in church went viral.
Kanyari a self-proclaimed healer addressed as Dr. Prophet was seen in a two-minute holding a woman whom he was alleged to have stripped naked earlier.

The pastor speaking in his native language announced to the congregation that the topless woman who looked abnormally thin was allegedly HIV positive.
The reportedly sick woman was shown a week later in church fully clothed, testifying that her appetite had returned and she felt a lot stronger.
The video has been severely criticized by commentators, who said the pastor went too far by undressing the alleged sick lady.
What are your thoughts on this pastor's actions?

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