Monday, 10 November 2014

Man Arrested With Cocaine Concealed In Women Shoes

Officials of the National Draw Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have arrested a passenger at the Lagos airport for allegedly concealing cocaine in female shoes.
The drug was detected in the luggage compartment of an Etihad flight‎ from Brazil to Nigeria.
NDLEA said the suspect, Mama Solomon, who had checked in the luggage claimed he was ‎a shoe merchant.

According to Hamza Umar, NDLEA commander at the Lagos Airport, “the suspect claimed to be a shoe merchant, however, during interrogation it was revealed that he only used the shoes as a way of concealing cocaine. He had two bags containing female shoes and hand bags. The drug was discovered in the soles of the female shoes and he was immediately arrested,” he said.
Mama Solomon with the bags he brought into Nigeria from Brazil
Mama Solomon with the bags he brought into Nigeria from Brazil
NDLEA said the 27-year old suspect, however, claimed he was given the bag by his friend in Brazil to take to Nigeria.
“I live and work in Brazil. I was given the drug with a promise that I will be handsomely rewarded if I successfully deliver the bag in Nigeria. They also assured me that somebody will help me in collecting the bags at the airport in Nigeria. Unfortunately, officers demanded to search my bag and in the process, the cocaine was found in my bag,” NDLEA quoted the suspect, who hails from Enugu state, as saying.

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