Tuesday, 13 January 2015

APC Party Leaders Pays Courtesy Visit To OBJ Residence Earlier Today [Photos]

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  1. for an ages now our civil right as a citizen has always been deprive especially the diffidence that we are legitimately entitled to as a citizen of this country and is the same Party that has been ruling as a President of this Country for quite a long time now. Nigerian is time to lets make one voice sound loudly to the so called leaders in PDP. lets give it out at least for the first time in making other opposition Party to make the CHANGE now; in fact if not all,at least to some meaning extent that will got across the ECONOMY, INFRASTRUCTURE AND HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELFARE OF NIGERIAN. TANKS. Secretary to Senator OLAMILEKAN ADEOLA FOR LAGOS WEST SENATORIAL DISTRICT (YAYI NI O, YAYI NI JARE) VOTE YAYI AS THE NEXT SENATOR FOR LAGOS WEST SENATORIAL DISTRICT