Friday, 16 January 2015

PDP Lacks Integrity To Query Buhari’s Certificate, Says Tinubu

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to disqualify APC presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari over certificate issues.
Tinubu, who spoke yesterday during the APC’s rally in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, described PDP as a “shameless” party.
He said: “I laugh when the incapable government of Nigeria, the Poverty Development Party has nothing to say; they have the temerity to question the educational qualification of General Buhari and look for his certificate. Aaaaaaa! (laughter) Shame on them… what an insult!.

“The Armed Forces institution… Don’t go through General Buhari, ask the military. After all, he went to Army school – from Cadet School, he got a star. From there, he became Colonel, dem no talk. Then Major,dem no talk, from Brigadier General to General, dem no talk. He went to war and came back, dem no talk. They (military) sent him to Army School in London, he passed; you (military) also sent him to United States where he and white Americans did left, right, left, he passed. He came back and was not removed from the Army. He became Head of State. Nobody talked about his certificate. Since he has been contesting for the presidency, no one complained about his certificate. Now that we begged him to come and rule, they are asking for his certificate. I don’t want to follow a leader who lies.”
Tinubu reiterated that Gen. Buhari is the right person Nigeria needs at this challenging period.
“Every nation,” he said, “has a period of challenges.” “When United States was challenged, they turned to a war great man, their ex-military general, Harrison Iowa; when the French were challenged, they turned to General Charles de Gaulle; when Britain was challenged, they turned to their great general, Winston Churchill. Today, Nigeria is challenged, economically challenged, physically challenged and security challenged; who do we turn to… General Muhammadu Buhari. He is the real man for the job; if you talk of military experience, he has it abundantly; if you talk of courage, he has it abundantly; if you talk of simplicity, he has it abundantly; if you talk of great determination, a combination of mission and ability to perform, honesty and integrity, he has it abundantly, abundantly, abundantly…”
Tinubu flayed President Goodluck Jonathan’s 10 million jobs promise made at a campaign in Ibadan on Monday.
He said: “Today, many of our youths are unemployed and only yesterday (Monday), the man (Jonathan) promised 10 million jobs. He has spent six years without securing jobs for our children and now you are looking for votes. Is he a liar or not? Lies have torn their umbrella. They are failures. Under free economy aspect, they cannot create jobs for you. Are you not tired of it? You went to the university for seven or eight years for a four-year course. Are you not tired of it? School fees are becoming a thing of tears. Are you not tired of it? I can teach them how to create the jobs locally. We will give you student loan. Our programme – four years would be four years. You will not stay beyond four years before graduating from the university. By your fourth year, you will be taken through that critical path.
“You have not been able to create that job for six years. You assembled our youths at the stadium in Abuja, Owerri, Enugu, everywhere and told them to pay for forms; they died without getting job. You did not show remorse. Nobody was sacked; and now he is making another promise. Who are you deceiving? PDP! Don’t be deceived. If they want to continue to say we are sadistic, we are not. Our children are dying. Our nation, our being, devastated through the hail of bombs. If your son comes back from school and says he has failed, you tell him to look for another job.  Jonathan said he has failed; let him go and look for another job. We don’t want a President that can’t perform. It is not his fault; he does not have what it takes to rule Nigeria. Let him go and rest at home.”
Via - The Nation

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