Thursday, 15 January 2015

Revealed! Why PDP Chose Small Venue For Jonathan’s Campaign In Osogbo

Fresh facts have emerged regarding the reasons the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State of Osun opted for a smaller venue to host the party’s presidential campaign team in the centre of the town, instead of the city stadium.
We gathered that aftermath of the Lagos rally, the party campaign coordinators in the South-West resorted to using smaller venues located within business centres, so as to create an impression
of large turnout at the rally.
Unlike in some PDP-dominated states like Akwa-Ibom, Enugu, where rallies were held at the stadia, the one in Ibadan was held at the Mapo Hall area, while that of Osogbo was held at the Nelson Mandela Freedom Park.

According to findings, the venue was chosen to save the party the embarrassment of holding the rally at the stadium, where it may find it difficult to mobilise its supporters to fill the venue like it did during last year’s governorship election in the state.
It was gathered that the party chairman in the state, Alhaji Gani Ola-Oluwa, led some chieftains of the party to Olaiya area of Osogbo, where he said the Freedom Park venue would be okay for the rally because of the busy nature of the area.
He was heard saying the gridlock in the area would contribute more to the effect of the rally, thereby helping the party to achieve total lockdown of the capital like it was done in Enugu and make the president believe the party has the control of the state.
Findings revealed that the PDP was concerned on how to attract people to give the president a warm welcome and attend the rally, considering the hostile treatment he was given during his last visit in August,
hence, the resolve to use Mandela Freedom Park for the programme.
The venue proximity to markets, according to findings, and its smaller nature would help save the party and its presidential candidate from embarrassment of recording a low turn-out.
However, the rally was totally a party affair, as market men and women, as well as other traders went about their normal business activities, while the traffic gridlock was experienced at several locations within the state capital.

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