Friday 15 May 2015

9 Weird Bra Problems We All Know Too Well and How to Solve Them - Priyanka Ghura

bra problems
Ladies, from annoying straps that just keep sliding off to major side-boob spillage, there are a number of problems we’ve all faced. Uncomfortable and/or unflattering bras? We’re way too accustomed to them for it to be good for us! So today we give you the most common weird bra problems – and tell you how to solve them. Say hello to a happier chest!

1. Your bra gives you unflattering back fat, which no amount of gymming can get rid of

Your back band is probably too high and can be lowered by loosening the straps so that the band sits below your shoulder blades. You can also get rid of the back bulge by scoring a bra with a wider band at the back so it covers more area.

2. Your bra straps dig into your skin and leave annoying indentations on your shoulders

Your straps are probably doing all the work to support your girls and not the band, so you may want to try a smaller band size. Also, wider straps are a comfier option, especially if you’re big-breasted.

3. Your bra straps spend less time resting on your shoulders and more time sliding down your arms

Tighten the straps (duh!). If that doesn’t work, maybe your straps are stretched and worn out, which is a sign that you need to make a shopping trip for some new bras. You can even try convertible straps that crisscross across your back and fit you snugly.
Take off shoulder-strap. Isolated on white.

4. Your boobs are spilling out over the top of your cups or under your arms at the sides

Girl, the cup size you’re wearing is simply too small. Go out and try a bigger size. Make sure the band fits your back snugly as well.

5. Your chest makes it obvious when you’re feeling cold, if you know what we mean :P

If your nipples are stealing the show, you definitely need to ditch your bra style for one with much more padding. A well-padded T-shirt bra (like this Cotton Rich Padded T-Shirt Bra from Marks and Spencer) will do the trick.

6. You hate underwired bras as they painfully poke your skin

If the underwiring makes you uncomfortable, then you’re wearing the wrong size. A well-fitting one will surround your whole breast and lie under and on the sides without digging into your skin. Get yourself measured, pronto.

7. Your band keeps riding up your back and your boobs drop downwards

You need to go up a cup and band size so your bra fits you levelly from the front to back and gets rid of all your saggy problems.
Closeup View Of A Woman's Back

8.Your twins are less than identical, and one is slightly smaller than the other

Everybody has a set of girls that are slightly different, but some woman have a more noticeable difference than others. When the difference in size is not too much, you can simply deal with it by adjusting your straps accordingly on each side. If you need to make your bust look more even, your bra should be sized according to your larger breast; you can use a removable pad on the other side.

9. You have no idea how often you should replace your bras

Restock your bra drawer every 6 months to 2 years, depending on how often you wear them. You need to throw out even your most favourite bra once it’s stretched out and stopped doing what it’s supposed to!
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