Wednesday 13 May 2015

See The Faces Of The Men That Took Part In The Lekki Notorious Robbery - Suspect Says' He Was Given Only N50,000 Naira From Operation'

According to The Nigerian Police, these four men are part of the gang of 15 armed robbers with some wearing military uniforms to rob a bank in Lekki on the 12th of march, 2015 in what turned out to be a deadly atatck. You will recall that 5 people were killed during the robbery- 3 policemen and two civilians, including a 15-year old girl who had hoped to be a university graduate one day.

They were paraded today by Lagos State Police Commissioner. Their names were given as Duke Odogbo, 38, Lawrence Kingsley, 31, Ebi Tosan, 20, and Ekelemo Kuete, 30.

One member of this armed robbery says he was given only N50,000 from the operation that claimed the lives of three police officers and a teenage street hawker. Ekelemo Kuete.

The suspect, an Ondo state indigene, who is one of the four arrested this week (all 4 pictured above), said 15 of them went for the operation and that he was the one that drove the speed boat that took the robbers to the crime scene and drove them after they had completed their operation.

"We were 15 in number that went for that operation and we used two speed boats. Five of us stayed back in the boat at Lekki while the other 10 went inside the bank. When they killed the policemen and two other civilians I queried them but they didn’t listen. I am the speed boat driver that took the armed robbery gang to Lekki on March 12, 2015. I didn’t want to go, they forced me, and after the operation, they gave me N50,000. I have not gone for robbery operation before now; I am into oil bunkering in Arepo along Lagos Ibadan expressway, a community in Ogun state. I know they were robbers when the contracted me to use my speed boat to convey them through the waterways to Lekki. I make money from oil bunkering between N50,000- N80,000 each time I go to work" he said.

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