Wednesday 20 January 2016

Asylum Seekers In Middlesbrough 'Are Forced To Live In Houses With Red Doors' - Leaving Them Open To Racist Attacks In Move Compared To Nazi Germany

Asylum seekers 'forced to live in houses with red doors' in Middlesbrough
The coloured doors make homes occupied by the refugees easy to identify and have been blamed for numerous attacks in which people were victims of harassment and abuse. A former local MP compared the red paint, used on terraced streets in deprived areas of Middlesbrough where asylum seekers are housed by government contractor G4S, to the yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany. The homes are owned by property firm Jomast, owned by Stuart Monk, top right, who lives with his family in a luxurious mansion nearby.

Torment: The asylum seeker said he has been repeatedly targeted by locals because of his door
Ian Swales, former Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar, said the doors were a 'mark of separation' that 'reminds you of Germany in the 1930s'.

In February 2014 he confronted a G4S executive over the issue during a parliamentary hearing, but the policy was not changed.
After the latest revelations, Mr Swales said: ‘I thought it was shocking. I assumed the management of G4S would be equally shocked and would do something about it. To find out nearly two years later that nothing’s been done is appalling.’
Policy: Asylum seekers in poor parts of Middlesbrough have been forced to live in houses with red doors
Policy: Asylum seekers in poor parts of Middlesbrough have been forced to live in houses with red doors
A red door in MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough red doors
Row: Some have accused Government contractors in Middlesbrough of putting the asylum seekers at risk
Andy McDonald, Middlesbrough’s Labour MP, added the red doors were 'a way of marking people out that is reprehensible'.

The Times reported that the properties are owned by Jomast, a subcontractor for G4S owned by Stuart Monk, who is paid millions of pounds a year to provide accommodation for thousands of asylum seekers.
According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Mr Monk is worth an estimated £175million.
Asylum claimants at more than a dozen Middlesbrough addresses said that Jomast’s red doors were an easy target for racists - and described incidents including the smearing of dog excrement against doors, and eggs and stones being thrown at windows.
A National Front symbol was scratched into the front door of one house another and at another, women cowered inside as thugs hurled racist jibes, calling them 'dirty women' and shouting, 'Get out of our country.'
‘They put us behind red doors. When people see them, everyone knows it means asylum seekers. It’s like saying we’re not the same as you,’ one man told The Times.

- Daily Mail

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