Wednesday 20 January 2016

Lovely Photos Of Twin Babies Who Died With Their Nigerian Grandparents In Prince George’s Co. US Fire Incident [Video]

These twin toddlers died yesterday after a fire burned through their Prince George's County home in Maryland. The twins, Israel and Anna Omijie, were taken to Children's Hospital, but died as a result of their injuries, upon arrival to the hospital. 
The grandparents, Caroline Omogbo, 55, and Samson Omogbo, 63, were pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say there were 3 additional people in the home at the time of the fire, the mother of the twins jumped from the 2nd floor and was taken to an area hospital for treatment.
The grandparents were pronounced dead at the scene 

The other two escaped without any injuries. Samson Omogbo went to the U.S at least 15 years ago from Nigeria after winning a green-card lottery. He started a furniture-restoration business and was able to take his wife and 7 children to the U.S shortly after his arrival. They moved into the house last year.

“This morning, at around 2 o’clock, I woke up to screaming, loud screaming,” said neighbor Rosamund Haynes.

A house off Knollbrook Drive was on fire. Trapped inside were seven people, including two-year-old twins.

“I heard someone saying, ‘Call 911! My babies are in there,'” Haynes said.
The mother of the twins, Elizabeth Omogbo and her husband

The twins, Anna and Israel Omijie, died at the hospital. Their grandparents, 63-year-old Samson and 55-year-old Caroline Omogbo, died at the home.
“As a parent, it’s not something that any parents hope for. It hurts. But as a believer, you know that they are in the hands of God, and it gives you a lot of comfort,” said Adele Benjamin, family friend.
Seven people were inside the home when the fire started. Investigators tell WJZ that the mother of the twins jumped from the second floor to save her life.
Firefighters found no working smoke detectors in the home. On Tuesday, they went door to door, trying to make sure this tragedy doesn’t repeat itself.

“I’m also encouraging people, as they go out today and buy a shovel or salt or a scraper, getting ready for this storm–buy a couple smoke alarms, put them up in your home, then go down the street, put them up next door, put them up down the street where someone is less able to help themselves. We shouldn’t be having people dying in homes that don’t have smoke alarms,” said Chief Marc Bashoor, Prince George’s County Fire Department.
Investigators are still trying to piece together how the fire started–a blaze that’s forever changed not only a family, but an entire community.
“Traumatic. I just can’t imagine. I am still very much shaken up over it,” said Haynes.
The family was renting the home. A neighbor tells WJZ they had just moved in last year.
Three other people escaped the fire.

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