Monday 18 January 2016

Doctor Built Bunker To Lock Up Kidnap & Rape Victim

Doctor built bunker to lock up kidnap & rape victim
A 38-year-old doctor in Sweden who has been charged with kidnap, rape and sexual abuse is believed to have intended to keep a woman in her 30s locked up for several years in a case likened to that of serial abuser Joseph Fritzl.

He took his victim to a police station after learning she had been reported missing a week, forcing her to make up a story about her whereabouts.

But police became suspicious and charged the man after the victim revealed her ordeal.

The woman was drugged using strawberries laced with Rohypnol at her home in Stockholm, where she was raped and kidnapped.

She was taken to a property 350 miles away, outside Kristianstad in the south of the country.

The woman was given injections to keep her sedated, and raped her repeatedly during six days of captivity.

Officers discovered rubber facial masks in the bunker, which are believed to have been used during the kidnap.

Police in Sweden say the bunker was 60 square metres, and had been built by the man himself.

It had a bedroom, toilet and fully fitted kitchen, as well as a covered courtyard which was not overlooked by neighbours.

The man is believed to have taken blood and vaginal samples from his victim to check for STDs, and made her take birth control pills so he could have unprotected sex with her.

It is thought she was bound and cuffed for most of her time in captivity.

When the man returned to the victim's flat, he found police had been searching for her and panicked, taking her to a police station together on September 18.

Chief prosecutor Peter Claeson said: 'We believe his intention has been to keep the woman locked up for several years.

'We also suspect him of planning this for years. Among other things, he has built the bunker to bring one or more victims.'

One of the doctor's friends told newspaper Kristianstadsbladet: 'In the beginning, when this got out, you kind of thought that "maybe it's not so serious, maybe it's blown out of proportion", but now that he's been charged its become clear how f***ing sick this is. It's like a film.'

And the friend continued: 'The more I read about this the more confused I get. He's not the kind of person you look at and think "he'll lock up and abuse a woman".' 

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