Tuesday 19 January 2016

Britain's Biggest Family Gets Even Bigger: Mother Of 18 Reveals she Is Expecting Number Nineteen And Not Claiming State Benefits

I’ve had 18 children and number 19 is on the way - and we're STILL not claiming benefits,
Sue and Noel Radford (pictured with their children and some of their grandchildren) celebrated the birth of daughter Hallie (pictured in her mother's arms) in June, but now Mrs Radford, 40, from Morcambe, Lancashire, is pregnant again, with the baby due in July. The Radfords, who run a successful bakery business and do not claim any state benefits said the pregnancy had been a surprise, but they are excited to add to their huge brood.

Writing on their Facebook page, the family said: 'We are so thrilled to announce our precious new addition to the family who will be joining us in July.' 
When Hallie, now eight months, was born last summer the Radfords said that they were not planning on having any more children, but would 'leave it up to nature

The couple are fiercely proud of the fact that they do not claim state handouts and instead support themselves with the bakery business, run by Mr Radford, 45

Via - Daily Mail

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