Friday, 24 November 2017

‘I Tried To Stop You From Marrying Her’ – Friend Of Bilyaminu Killed By His Wife Writes


Celebrating late Bilyaminu who would have turned 36 today before he got stabbed to death by his wife, Maryam Sanda last week, Bilyaminu’s friend, Mustapha Dikko, penned down a heartfelt tribute to him.
According to Dikko, he tried to stop his friend from marrying the Maryam, but he went ahead with the marriage. Here’s what he wrote as he demanded justice for the deceased;

‘Today I would have called to say Happy birthday to you Bilya as you clock 36 but you are no longer with us. I am looking up and I trust you are looking down. Because I am insisting on smiles and not a single frown, I am trying so hard but these tears of pain keep flowing down my cheeks. Sitting down here thinking about you, thinking about life without you Bilya
I am in so much pain and I am so sorry for drifting apart when you wanted to marry Maryam, I wish I pressured you more not to, I tried but I should have tried harder I was angry with you at the moment and That was selfish so we left you all alone with this murderer. First, she separated you from your beloved wife then she separated you from your family and friends
As I sit here pondering what would have been if we had pressurized you, I feel guilty down my spine.My thoughts are these
If I had put so much pressure on you and succeeded in making you understand our point of view when you wanted to marry Maryam
1. You would have left her and probably this wouldn’t have happened.
2. As Number 1 didn’t happen,if we hadn’t drifted a little too apart when you married Maryam you would have confide in me,Usman,Abba or Bello about the harsh condition in your marriage And we would have adviced you accordingly and probably all this wouldn’t have happened.
Oh Bilya I am so sorry i am soo devastated by your demise I wish I could turn the hands of time but it’s too late
Maryam has finally separated you from this world completely.
I recall what you used to say back in the days “when I get married I am going to Submit to my wife totally I don’t like woman wahala let peace reign kawai” and we will call you names, Well you did let peace reign and she took advantage of it.
You will forever be in our heart body and soul. Insha Allah Alisha your daughter will hear the story of a great man called Bilya her father because you were a great man. #Justiceforbilya’

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