Monday 20 November 2017

Racism: Algeria Ban African Migrants From Taking Public Transport

Racism: Algeria Ban African Migrants From Taking Public Transport

Algeria has banned African migrants from taking public transport bus and taxi in the country, a new expression of racist behavior of the State towards Blacks. This objectification reminds the behavior of the Nazis against the Jews, legitimate past acts and prepares a pogrom.

During World War II, to recognize the Jews, the Nazis had forced them to wear a yellow star on his chest. The rest is history, as 6 million Europeans confession or Jewish origin were burned in crematoria of Hitler’s regime.

In Algeria, perhaps we are heading towards a ” final solution ” against African migrants, since it goes scabrous statements racist government without African diplomats raise any finger. At this rate, it would not be surprising that in a few months, from sub-Saharan migrants are subject to coordinated crime either from the government or the population, as was also the in the past.

Le 360 translation; “The # Algeria continues its “commodification” of Africans and prohibits buses and taxis”
In any case the final decision of the Minister of Transport of the Government of Ahmed Ouyahia tends to support this view. This is not surprising, since the Algerian Minister has never hidden his anti-African racism, who said when he was chief of staff of the Presidency, that ” are Africans source of crime, drugs and several diseases . ”
This decision of the Department of Public Works and Transport prohibits owners of taxis and buses to board their vehicles sub-Saharans, ” under penalty of exposing offenders to permanent withdrawal of the license ,” wrote one site propaganda . This is a measure whose sole purpose is to make life difficult for Africans living in the country to deter reside.
In all ways, the government Ouyahia did not wait to formalize the ban to act. In recent days, the National People’s Army leads a real hunt against Sub-Saharans in the south and from Mali and Niger. Many of them were then deported to their country of origin.
Beyond racial approach and actions that keep asking the Algerian government, it should be noted the stigmatization of migrants. The official term used gives chilling and is sure to influence the perception of the average Algerian Saharan. After they were associated repeatedly ” AIDS ” to “diseases” on ” drugs ” and ” crime ” and that a Prime Minister has said that the ” will identify and vaccinate “, what Algerian regret will commit the irreparable against these people ” reified “?
It has happened in Ouargla where 18 sub-Saharans detained in a concentration camp were burned alive. This was also the case in Bechar in March 2016 when hundreds of Algerians rushed with stones against poor migrants. The next incident could have a balance sheet much heavier. That Africans take note!

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