Tuesday 21 November 2017

Man Goes On FACEBOOK After His Ex Girlfriend BURNS HIS NEW INFINITI Car And Her Friends JOKE ABOUT IT On Social Media

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A Milwaukee man is making NATIONAL NEWS – after his girlfriend BURNED DOWN his brand new INFINITI luxury vehicle.
The man, Brion Means proudly posted about purchasing the new car just a few months ago on his Facebook page.
What's even more painful is that the car was bought just this September after the young man had scraped and saved. 
A proud Brian went on Facebook to flaunt his new toy and told of how he struggled and went from being broke to the point where he could buy a nice car. Months later, his ex-girlfriend burnt it to its skeleton.


After his car was burned, Brion blamed it on his d*** being too good that "females can’t just walk away". He then swore not to go through any more breakups and his next relationship will lead to marriage.


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