Thursday 28 January 2016

Dehinde Fernandez’s Children Battle His Mistress - Buried Him In Belgium Against Their Wish

According to Abimbola, one of the children of the late celebrated billionaire, Halima wasn’t legally married to their father but she is preventing the children from bringing the remains of their dad, to Nigeria, after he died in Belgium, last year. Halima even dissed the children of the deceased, in a tweet pictured above. Also, below are snapshots of what Abimbola said about the issue and a repost from her.

She also tweeted “go bury that whores ashes” my dead mother was cremated and not buried. One can only assume she’s referring to dads children who were born of African American mothers in the above tweet which includes me. Go back to Kano and be with your family. You’re not a part of ours and aren’t entitled to anything. #WheresYaPapers? #YouHidTheWillInThatSafeRight? Didn’t dad tell you he wanted to be buried back home? Why didn’t you invite his children to his funeral? Why are you legally battling his heirs? Bleep outta here. @delemomoduovation expose this disgrace.”

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