Monday 25 January 2016


Some men turn and run back to prison, though it is unclear exactly why they appear to change their mind
This dramatic footage captures the moment 40 prisoners escape a jail in Brazil after blowing up an external wall and making a run for it.
The shocking incident was caught on CCTV at Frei Damiao de Bozanno prison in Pernambuco, on the outskirts of Recife in north-east Brazil.
The video has since been broadcast on Brazilian TV and shows the explosion ripping through an external wall of the jail.

On the run: Groups of men leap over the wall before landing on the ground  and making a bid for freedom
Groups of men then leap over the damaged wall before landing on the ground - some perform action rolls - and running for the streets of a nearby neighbourhood in order to hide.
Later some of the group turn around and run back into the prison, though it is unclear exactly why the men appeared to change their mind

Freedom did not last long for all but one prisoner however as 36 of the men were recaptured following an extensive manhunt.
Two others have been killed and another is in hospital. Police are still looking to track down the remaining fugitive.
Incredibly, this is the second mass breakout in the area in a week after 53 men escaped from another jail on the city outskirts

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