Tuesday 26 January 2016

Meet Man Who Spent £60,000 On Surgeries To Transform To A Woman

A Miami-based transgender woman has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch bum – despite her friends dying due to similar operations, says Dailymail

42-year-old Tatiana Williams, originally a man known as Cory Wilson, has spent Ksh9.4 million (£60,000) modifying her body over the past 20 years.

Tatiana has had multiple injections that have filled each bum cheek with 3.6Kgs (8lb) of silicone.
Ms Williams said that similar high-risk illegal operations have injured and killed a number of her friends. She however, has no regrets over her extensive plastic surgery.

Ms Williams, who lives in Miami, Florida, has had breast enhancements, chin implants, facial fillers and laser surgery – all without visiting a licensed surgeon.

She said: “Going to the black market is a big risk. People can die from these injections,” adding: “I’ve seen people eaten up by the silicone. I’ve seen them turn black-and-blue and not being able to walk anymore.”

Tatiana says backstreet market offers affordable cosmetic surgery rates, but adds that she knows too well – cheap is dear.

“It’s cheaper on the black market and people are willing to take the risks to achieve the beauty. I’ve seen people have their whole breast taken off. I’ve seen everything,” she narrated.

“I’m one of the lucky ones and I knock on wood everyday thanking God that he brought me through.”

Illegal silicone injections often use non-surgical silicone – sometimes purchased from hardware stores – which can lead to severe infections that result in disfigurations, amputations or even death.

Ms Williams, however, said that many people take the risk to follow in the footsteps of curvy celebrities: “I love Kim Kardashian’s body – it’s beautiful. She’s exactly what a woman should be,” adding: “When it comes to me and celebrities, a lot of people compare me to Nicki Minaj.”

Tatiana, who was born Cory Williams, said she has always lived an unconventional lifestyle, however, her family has been supportive all through.

She knew she was attracted to men from a tender age before deciding to start living as a woman in her late teens.

“My family let me be who I wanted to be, so it gave me the opportunity to produce a beautiful woman with no hang-ups, mentally. I didn’t have the same hang-ups as some of the people in the transgender community who were ostracised by family members,” she said.

Ms Williams first began her gender switch with hormone therapy, which helped her develop hips, breasts and a more feminine appearance.

She nevertheless was committed to become a ‘body goddess’, and was soon tempted by the quick-fix promises of black market surgery.

She saved up for breast enhancements, chin implants, facial fillers and laser surgery, though most of her money was spent on injections into her buttocks.
She said: “Before the surgery my butt was about 25 inches – now it is more like 60 inches.”

Ms Williams has been assessed by respected plastic surgeon Dr Constantino Mendieta, who admits he is ‘stunned’ that she has had no issues with her black-market booty.

However, when issues turn topsy-turvy Dr Mendieta said that it usually begins with discolouration of the skin near the injection point.

This can then become inflamed, with itching and hardening. When the fat cells start to die, ulcers begin forming in the tissue. This could result in complete deformation as the filler spreads through the body.

He added: “Even though Tatiana has not had any issues up to this point, I would urge people to never, ever use these injections in your body. You are playing Russian Roulette.”

Ms Williams said that she has accepted she may one day pay a price for her curves but, for now, is determined to enjoy the life it has given her.



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