Monday 25 January 2016

How To Use Two WhatsApp On The Same Phone

Via - Oddytech

You can now use two WhatsApp with two different numbers on the same phone, maybe one WhatsApp for office and the other for friends and family, or maybe one for the main boo and the other WhatsApp for the rest. 

To get this done we'll need just one extra app called "GBWhatsApp", yeah I know some of you who were banned by WhatsApp when they were using "WhatsApp +" would be skeptical about using this app, but trust me this app comes with
"anti-ban" so WhatsApp won't be able to ban. And if it'll make you feel safer, I've been using this app since September 2015 and I've never for once been banned.

What To Do: 
- First of all download GBWhatsApp from HERE,hey do not fear the app does not require rooting. At this stage I believe that you already have the normal WhatsApp installed on your phone, if not, install the normal WhatsApp now. 
- After doing that you now install the GBwhatsapp that you downloaded from the link above. 

- After installing the GB WhatsApp, when setting up the app you'll be asked for your phone number just like in the normal WhatsApp. Please DO NOT use the same number you're using in your normal WhatsApp because doing so will "knock-out" your phone number from the normal WhatsApp. Rather put your second phone number when asked for number verification on your GB WhatsApp, once the phone number is verified you are good to go. That's it. Now you can enjoy your normal WhatsApp and this incredible GBWhatsApp packed with so many features on the same device. Note: Do Not update the GB WhatsApp when you are notified of a new update cos this new update when installed will uninstall your normal WhatsApp. For those of you who do not know much about GBwhatsapp, watch out for our feature article about GBWhatsapp. 

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