Friday 29 January 2016

Horrifying A Man Plummets Four Floors To His Death After Leaving His Keys Inside And Trying To Break Into His Apartment From Th Roof [Video+Photos]

Ecuadorian national falls to death on the Calle del Doctor Buades, Alicante
This is the nerve-shredding moment a man plunged to his death from the fourth floor of a building.
The 52-year-old Ecuadorian national, who lived in Alicante, Spain, had supposedly left his keys inside his home.
His plan was to access the apartment by lowering himself using a rope and entering his home via a window.

Losing control: The man then transfers his weight back to the rope in order to get to the lower floorPivotal moment: The rope twists leaving him swinging, his back to the wall
His neighbour helped him out and the pair tied ropes to the roof.
The footage, filmed from an opposite apartment, shows the man's agonising descent down to the top level.
He seems in control and he balances on the ledge of a window before moving over to the balcony.
The man then transfers his weight back to the rope in order to get to the lower floor.
However the rope twists leaving him swinging, with his back to the wall. Somehow he loses his grip and slides down the rope.
The footage then captures the horrifying sight of the man losing control altogether and plunging suddenly down to the road.

The person filming did not show the moment of impact.
Some online commentators have been unsympathetic, saying: 'Amazing that someone was stupid enough to do this and found someone stupid enough to help, they were a match made in heaven' and 'This is why locksmiths were invented'. 
Various people have also remarked that the man should be awarded the Darwin Award, a tongue-in-cheek annual review of the most foolish ways people have died.
It supposedly rewards foolhardy people for helping evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool.

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