Saturday 30 January 2016

Graphic Image: Ritualists Kidnap And Pluck Out The Eyes Of 4-Year-Old Boy In Zaria, Nigeria [Viewers Discretion Advised]

The very graphic photo was shared on Facebook by a user who goes by the handle ‘Musa Saqafa’, and the interpretation of the caption reads:
“God who gives and takes. Dear Allah we plead with you with all your names, protect those we know and those we don't know. This little boy fell victim of those living in an ungodly manner(ritualist) plucked out his eyes in Zaria. Deprive them of peace and rest of mind this, may they met with problems with their powers”

According to Aishat who shared this photo of Naseerdeen, on January 24, he was kidnapped along with his sister in Marafa (police college) Kaduna State, on their way to a mosque close to their home.
The kidnappers later dropped off the sister at sultan road Kaduna but took Naseerdeen to an unknown location. Naseerdeen was later found without his two eyes.


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